Does Augmented Reality Really Help Learning?

Augmented Reality (AR) is an effective tool for teaching and learning. AR engages and educates children of all learning styles as the static page comes to life through 3D models and animations, tapping into visual, auditory, and/or haptic sensory modalities. By this year (2020) the educational technology industry is poised to reach $250 billion in sales—a 17% annual rate of growth.

Tolerance Tykes uses AR to bring the characters to life and informs readers of the social, emotional, and/or physical challenges that children may have to cope with. Readers receive an emotional connection to the characters as they introduce themselves and befriend the reader, opening the door for peer discussion and problem solving.

Tolerance Tykes mixes technology and storytelling for a collaborative, inspiring, and heart-felt learning experience. Each of the thirty characters has an emotional or physical challenge. Augmented reality brings their voices and demeanor to life via animation and sound. Never before has teaching about diversity and challenges been so engaging and informative.

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