Letter From the Author

Letter From the Author.

My name is Brook Aiello and I am the proud author and illustrator of Tolerance Tykes: Teaching Tools for a Better Tomorrow. The idea to write the 3-book series came after writing a poem to a young girl struggling with gender identity and learning from her mother the positive impact it had on her attitude. I felt great and I was hooked. The Tolerance Tykes book series was designed to bring awareness of difficult issues through storytelling and experiential learning. Children can immediately relate to what the other students feel, teach others about their challenges and better understand their differences.
Upon completion of my third book, it was time to take my series to the next level. By the “next level” I mean what a child might say is “the next coolest thing.” Augmented reality, which gives each character their own unique voice and demeanor, will keep children focused, enhance their personal connection with each character, and more importantly, play a pivotal role in teaching them to promote compassion and kindness in our world. I look forward to introducing other characters in future books.

~ Brooke Aiello

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