Who developed the augmented reality technology?

In 2020, Tolerance Tykes partnered with ARSOME Technology to bring Tolerance Tykes to life by incorporating augmented reality (AR). “Their expertise in augmented reality and knowledge of motivational learning techniques is extremely beneficial to the future of the Tolerance Tykes brand,” said Brooke Aiello, the author and illustrator of Tolerance Tykes. “Bringing the characters to life and having them introduce themselves to the child with audio has been a dream come true.”

David Oyanadel, Co-Founder of ARSOME Technology added, “I’ve spent over seventeen years in Connecticut’s education system and have never seen technology improve the learning outcome like this. Augmented reality, designed to bring content to life, both informs and engages children about topics such as the social, emotional, and physical challenges that peers have to cope with on a daily basis.”

Terry D. Williams, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist and Director of Engagement at ARSOME Technology said, “By coupling the educational and entertaining aspects of Tolerance Tykes, we get closer to the goal of enhancing a child’s motivation to learn more about and appreciate the challenges endured by many of their peers.”

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